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You can also order a range of drinks to accompany your food...... see our list below, or ask if we can order in any special requests.



100% Orange, or Apple Juice with no added sugar ...

Available in convenient single portion bottles, or economical 2L bottles for sharing amongst larger groups
375ml Bottle - $3.60        

2L Bottle - $6.80 (approx 6 serves to per 2L bottle)

** Disposable Cups - $3.50/ sleeve of 20



375ml Can - $2.80each       

1.25L Bottle - $5.20 each
Choose from;
Coca Cola ,Diet Coca Cola, Zero Coca Cola
Lemon Lift, Sprite Lemonade, Fanta Orange

 ** 5kg bag ICE - $4.00 each

 From $1.50p/h*

Our Tea & Coffee packs include tea bags, instant coffee sachets, sugar portions, full cream milk, disposable coffee cups and disposable teaspoons. Simply choose the package that best suits the numbers you require. All package amounts are for a single sitting.

10 PERSON PACK -     $18.00     (equates to $1.80 p/h)

50 PERSON PACK -     $82.50     (equates to $1.65 p/h)

100 PERSON PACK -   $150.00    (equates to $1.50 p/h)

Most venues in our area have access to hot water, but should you require a hot water urn, we can arrange the hire of one for you on your behalf.











Prices subject to change without prior notice.
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